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Our first week in Year 6

This is our first proper week in Year 6 and we have enjoyed it so far. In Guided Reading we have been reading about ‘The Blitz’, which is linked to our history topic- World War 2. We have enjoyed working on World War 2, looking at and touching artefacts that have been brought in. We have also learned about ‘The Battle of Britain’, which we found interesting. We have linked our history topic to our Literacy work, where we are looking at Autobiographical texts. The best examples of autobiographies (writing about your own life) are diaries, e.g. The Diary of Anne Frank. We have studied Anne Frank’s diary and have tried writing our own diary entry about ‘The worst school day’.In Science we have been thinking about Micro- Organisms. This is microscopic living things i.e; Viruses, Bacteria, Algae etc. So far we have enjoyed PE.  We all managed to do netball, football and rowing all in one afternoon! The rowing is not in a boat on a lake but rowing that you do on a machine.  We have been looking at decimal numbers in maths, multiplying and dividing them by 10, 100 and 1,000. Although some people have found out that if you multiply a whole number by a decimal it’s like dividing, e.g. 5.2 x 0.1 = 0.52!!!Keep checking our blog to see what we do next week.By Beth Dowdeswell and Nathan Case (Y6)