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 On Friday 27th June, Year 6 held their ‘Enterprise Fayre’ in the School hall. For the last 4 weeks Year 6 have been involved in the ‘Enterprise project’. Each child in Year 6 was given £10 to set up and run a small business with the aim of making as much profit as possible. The team making the most profit per team member would receive a prize and the new ‘Enterprise challenge’ trophy. The children had to design, make and sell an original product.After lots of research and discussion, the children formed small groups of between 3 and 5; which meant they had £30 – £50 of start-up money for their business. The next task was to come up with a product and think about how they would go about making it and what materials they would need to buy.Before starting, they had a visit from their ‘business guru’ Andy Bateman, owner of Bateman’s Sports Ltd.  He explained his business model top them and gave them lots of top tips on setting up and running their businesses.The rules of the ‘Enterprise challenge’ stated that everything had to be paid for. Paper, photocopying, printing, laminating, use of the school ovens……everything!! Groups had to think very carefully and control their spending using a budget spreadsheet.Eventually the day of the Enterprise Fayre had come and the businesses would be put to the test…..

(Business guru Mr Bateman makes some last minute suggestions to the Cookie Co. Ltd team)

(Brilliant bookmarks Ltd try to help a very picky customer!)

(Crazy cupcakes find that their cakes were selling like…well …hot cakes!!!)

(Bands and badges Ltd find a winning formula and are mobbed by eager customers!)

(A+M gifts. “How can we help you?” )

At 3.00pm all stock had sold out!! Every single item had been cleared and the businesses handed in their final money pots to be counted. The winners will be announced next week but everyone involved in the project worked incredibly hard and learned a lot about business. Time to pack up and close up shop…Thank goodness its Friday!!!

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